About Us

We power collaboration for the creative world. Together, creators can make great ideas happen.

We built a platform to eliminate the barriers between talent and production. Finding the right talent is often the biggest barrier to successfully bringing an idea to life. We're out to transform the way creatives connect and collaborate so they can focus their energy on making awesome stuff. Our mission is to simplify the making of great art - whether it's film, music, dance, design or technology.

Be a part of an inspiring community of makers.

We believe that creativity is spurred when diverse ideas are united or when the creative handiwork of one maker inspires or forces fresh thinking in another. Join our community where art is discovered, shared, created and experienced together.

Find the perfect team to seamlessly connect, collaborate and create on a single platform.

Are you looking for a puppeteer? A French speaking magician who plays the accordion? A sound editor who's passion is Film Noir? We probably have them and if we don't - we will! And not only that, we'll intelligently match you if your creative idea needs their unique talent, or vice versa.

We use machine learning technology that scores taste, personality, interest, style, location and a variety of other affinity indicators to find and match talent with talent so that creative thinkers can get to tinkering.