The Independence Day timeframe is timed with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnells deadline for passage of the health care bill through the chamber which is also the start of the July th recess Priebus took the brunt of the blame for the first failure to get a vote on the bill through the House though the White House and Speaker Paul Ryan were ultimately able to secure its passage on a second try

Talk of Trump’s July th deadline has made the rounds in the White House but insiders and those close to the president are not holding their breath given the perpetual talk that Priebus and other senior staffers are on the way out

Trump’s first deadline for the firing of Priebus and many staffers that he brought on from the Republican National Committee was the -day mark
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The president then considered the idea of a Memorial Day shakeup when he returned from the foreign trip and then most recently July

Its become comical that every holiday becomes a referendum on Reince said one adviser to the president
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