Plug Me In: Neural Interfaces for Musicians


Since the dawn of music, technology has paved the way for musicians to exercise their creative impulses. From the humble pan pipes to the EWI, the harpsichord to the Kurzweil, the taiko to V-Drums - musicians have found ways to harness new developments in their service to the muse. As we enter a new era of biomedical advances, musicians should embrace the possibilities that direct nervous system access offers them.

This project combines biological sensors, hardware, and MIDI generation software to create an intuitive instrument driven by signals from the body. Right now, there are two components: a muscle contraction detector embedded in an armband, and bend sensors integrated into a glove.

The hope is to build out a set of minimal wearable sensors and a software processing system that can turns signals from those sensors into MIDI to allow musicians to easily map their gestures, intents, and even feelings directly to musical control systems.
Project Lead

Alec Zopf

neuroscientist, drummer and programmer

Brooklyn, New York