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Telugu Titans

Team Hyderabad rightly retained their star raider and aspiring pop star Rahul Chaudhari this year and along with the formidable Arjuna awardee Rakesh Kumar, will bank on their raiding to win games. They could leak more than a few points in their defence though, for apart from former Panther Rohit Rana, the only remarkable defender they seem to have is Amit Chhillar who regularly erred for Delhi in season three and was subsequently dropped.Pro kabaddi

Team Gujarat

The Adanis will have the finest stadium among all, the magnificent TransStadia in Ahmedabad, but will their seven or ten men who don their jersey on big nights be as classy is the question. Their defence will have an Iranian flavour in six-pack man Fazel Atrachali and his compatriot Abozar Mighani who at 50 lakh was the most expensive foreign player. Sukesh Hegde and Amit Rathi have been fine raiders so far, but this time they will not have a senior raider to whisper tactics into their ears as they go over the line. This is the industrialists’ first sporting franchisee and it would be intriguing to see if they have the same aggression as they do in approaching a coal mine.

Raiding: 5/10
Defence: 7/10

Dabang Delhi

The capital’s team has been the kabaddi version of Delhi Daredevils in being laggards. This will be the first season when they will take the field without Kashiling Adake, who has single-handedly won them games on several occasions. Taking his place would be Rohit Baliyan and Ravi Dalal, of Bengaluru Bulls and Bengal Warriors respectively, but neither of them have stats or court presence that is as staggering as Kashi’s. However, with Meraj Sheykh, Iran’s version of Anup Kumar and Nilesh Shinde, their defensive strategy is going to be a mix of ballsy and calm. Dabangs will do anything to get to the elusive top four.
Bengaluru Bulls

There are many answers to the question of why the Bulls did not retain one of the league’s finest raiders, Rohit Kumar, but as they bought him back, we don’t need them. They picked up former Panther Ajay Kumar for a hefty 48.50 lakh and the raider, if he continues his season four form, could bring the Bulls some victories, which they sorely need from the past two seasons. Leading their defence would be ex-Delhi captain Ravinder Pahal who has iron hands but may be not as feisty in attitude. Bulls are another team that have invested heavily in young players, and will need to toil hard in the weeks prior to the season to ensure they are battle-ready.

Team Tamil Nadu

The Tendulkar co-owned team got the Man of the World Cup 2016 final, Ajay Thakur as a Priority Pick but in the auction that followed, did no purchase of note. They are another defender-heavy team, with Amit Hooda and Sanket Chavan touted to use their PKL experience, but they seem to lack other raiders who can get them into the 30s and 40s on match days. The only company Thakur could get is from local boy K Prapanjan, who has spent a lot of time on the U Mumba side-lines with coach Bhaskaran.
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